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My boss, the Vice President of Information Systems was a minimalist so some documents may seem to scream for additional verbiage but I do what my boss requests/requires.

Using a XXXXXX-type redaction style, some data has been changed to protect privacy and minimize the risk for hacking by spiders/crawlers; the pages are primarily as they were used live in hospital systems.

**To me it is not good practice to use the names of people holding any specific position when creating a policy document; you should use the position name. When the position becomes held by a new individual, the document will still hold true and not need to be rooted out and updated because of a simple personnel change.

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AIT/CGH Beeper Policy

 Auditing PCs

CGH Guidelines for Removing Property from IS

CGH Network Access Form for Physicians

Change TCP/IP Properties For Fixed IP Address Systems

DHCP Configuration

Skills List Form

Job Evaluation (Updating Job Evaluation Form Followed)

Eclipsys Server Backup and Restore or Server Copy

Extra Time Opportunity

General Information for PC Work

Guidelines for CGH IS Staff

Health Alliance Internet Access Control Processes

Laptop PC Checklist for turn over to user

Installing Blackberry Desktop 2

Installing Blackberry Desktop 2.1 Upgrade

Installing MindManager Software

Installing Palm Software Using PocketMirror

Intellisync Anywhere/PocketMirror Comparison

Pharmacist Internet Access Policy:

Laptop PC Checklist for turn over to user

MPR Direct Report Guidelines

Notification of PC Audit

Notification of PC Work by Information Systems

Setting Up Outlook 2000

Outlook 2000 Settings - Verifying a Standard Installation

PC Configuration Sheet

Purchasing a Blackberry Handheld

Reboot of the AHT Dr

Project Plan Status

CGH Specific Links HNET

Troubleshooting Blackberry Handheld

User-PC Modification Work Request

Vendor Dial Up Support Procedures