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Pricing considerations are location, amount of equipment needed, length of show etc.

Simplexity can set up in a living room or family room or use a stage in a decent sized hall. If you are having an event that requires all our lighting effects, we will need two, preferably three, 15-20 amp circuits to do the show. Simplexity carries several 100' power cords to be able to go to other rooms to reach additional outlets/circuits.

Prices start at $200 for a local* 4-hour simple party using no lights and go up to $600 for a local 4-hour gig using almost all of our effects. Keep an eye out for money-saving specials on our website. $75 per hour after the first four hours. $100 per hour after eight hours and $200 an hour after 10 hours.

Because of the responsibilities involved doing a wedding, prices start at $400 for music only for 4 hours.

Simplexity  by Just Imagine Music does everything possible to get to an event early and be set up before guests arrive. Your paid time starts at the agreed upon event start time, not when we start setting up. That being said, the next paid hour starts promptly when the agreed upon end time passes. A party from 3pm to 7pm, requires a next hour payment if you want us to keep playing until 7:15, 7:30 or 8:00.

There is a $75 non-refundable** deposit required to lock in your date.

*Local applies to being within about 20 minutes of the Fairmount Camillus area. SAVE YOUR DATE! Call and book today. There is a $30 one time charge for each additional 20 miles away from our home base. **If it is the fault of Simplexity that we do not complete the gig, or, if you cancel more than 45 days of the event the deposit will be refunded in whole.

While we have never defaulted and not completed a booked gig, Simplexity  by Just Imagine Music will not be held responsible if we fail to perform an agreed event beyond a complete refund of any deposit.

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