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Simplexity by Just Imagine Music is part of the DJ fray with significant equipment and a set theory for performance. Simplexity shows are about the Host, not the DJ. You won't hear "Simplexity now brings you Xxxx song" from us, the music just keeps on playing. It's not about the DJ, it's about the client(s) who hired us, whether it's kids throwing mom and dad a party, a wedding couple or a dance hall or banquet manager.

Reserve a date with us while we're new and prices are low. You can see in the videos we have the equipment - save money for your party and call today.

The music: We play a mix that incorporates the music the client desires* and we fill in the rest based on the party theme or general audience application (i.e. Big Band would play with a crowd of 65+ participants or 70s A.M. radio for a group of 50 year-olds). Volume should be set where partygoers can talk in the back or around the outside of the room but be plenty loud on the dance floor (if there is one)!
The lights: We bring as many lighting effects as the venue will sustain (if lights are included) but also try to make sure they're applicable (i.e. I don't bring a spinning "disco" fixture, and maybe not a mirror ball to a "Rock" theme party or 750 watt strobes to a 75th Birthday Party).
The fog: Most people believe lights look better with some fog/haze. In years past, audience members smoking was usually enough to properly haze a room. Needless to say, since most venues are now smoke-free, we have to provide the "smoke." If you don't want fog, just say so.
Setup: Setup can take 3-4 hours for the largest shows. Less equipment needed, for a smaller show, will lessen that time.
You can see, for music only, that all we need is a corner of your living room or family room and we can bring the tunes for hours with very little impact on space.

Most Recent Gig:

Evy and Rob

Evy and Rob's Wedding

*Please note that Simplexity  does not do gigs where Hip-hop, Rap, Punk, Alternative or any other music with profane or derogatory  lyrical content is required; acceptable selections completely per the discretion of the DJ. Ask before booking if you're not sure if music you desire can be played. Simplexity  by Just Imagine Music reserves the right to refuse any song request or any gig request.

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