Certified Microsoft Office Specialist in Word, Excel, Access and Outlook.


I was going through mountains of old papers the other day when I realized you can see quite a bit of who I am and how I got here by tracking the letters and certificates I've accumulated over the years. Sometimes an employee wishes they could get some recognition and, I believe I've heard, that some employees would forgo a raise in exchange for occasionally expressed gratification from the boss/company. Below you will find a history of awards, certifications and letters that represent an individual that strives, and always has, to be the best in whatever position he finds himself.

Feel free to inquire about any of these documents:

The latest: Security Guard Pre-Assignment Class Certificate

Werner has no shortage of  certificates, patches, clothing articles etc. to motivate drivers to excellence.

My first awards were Werner Driver Training and, more importantly, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations requirement.

Others were for passing Accident Free markers by mile (100,000 miles 250,000 miles) and by driver anniversary date (one year two years three years).

Awards that indicated great customer service and attention to detail are Werner's awards for accident free and on time (2006 2007) and the ever illusive Driver Log performance (3rd Quarter 2008 4th Quarter 2008 2008 Complete 1st Quarter 2009).


Of course I wouldn't have gotten any of these awards from Werner were it not for National Tractor Trailer School. Here you can see my diploma  and Attendance award from the school and my national PTDI certificate. It's pretty neat to get a letter from your congressman or senator and, sure enough, they were there for me (Hillary Clinton's letter is not available).

I got into trucking because I was tired of being downsized/laid-off from my computer jobs. I saw that if a person has a clean Commercial Driver's License employment is always available. My last computer job was at the United Way of Central New York. I've posted here the two reviews (October 2003 April 2004) that I received whilst employed for this organization. My boss was Vice President of Individual Gifts, Andrew Madsen, a wonderfully kind guy if ever there was one! For a time I was motivating the troops by sending around little poems and Andy whipped up a little reward for me in jesting thankful return.

During one of my computer job searches, I did very well with Cayuga County Civil Service Exams (Computer Specialist Computer Systems Technician). So well that I went in for an interview and was pretty much told I would be getting the job (I was shown where I'd be sitting) when the HR department told my would-be supervisor he had to incorporate a new batch of Civil Service test takers that did the new tests that were only pass-fail instead of real scores-oh well...

Before I go on to my education documents, I was honored to be selected to sit on the Onondaga Community College Alumni Board of Directors where for years I enjoyed working to improve the college and college experience.

Now some serious documentation. My State University of New York education is revealed through many self explanatory documents. Starting with Oswego, I have my transcript, those "wonderful you" letters (Fall 1997 Spring 1998 Fall 1998) about attaining a great GPA and even a letter showing I was recommended as a math tutor!


Deciding which four year school to utilize was not necessarily easy, especially when Syracuse University worked hard to seduce me with serious scholarship money! Here's my acceptance letter to the L.C. Smith College of Engineering and award letter for the Syracuse University Excellence Scholarship. Financial aid amounted to over $12,000.

Now onto my favorite school, Onondaga Community College (OCC). While Oswego State is a fine school, the way OCC professors and staff pour their hearts out in a desperate desire to have students succeed is most amazing. I saw this not just from a casual student's perspective but as an active member associating with faculty on several levels. Showing OCC documents do not do justice to the fulfilling experience I had at this school.

My transcript. GPA "wonderful you" letters (Spring 1996 Fall 1996). A draft of my AC3 (Academic Computing Coordinating Committee-a faculty committee) submission. The final AC3 document. A Math Department brochure I designed (side A side B). My "thank you" letter from the newly chosen college president (I was the Student Representative on the college Board of Trustees), Neal Raisman. My favorite AS diploma hand-off picture.

A lot of these documents represent "feel good" documents; simple slaps on the back that can make all the difference in a person's life if delivered at just the right time and in just the right spirit. I know they worked for me when I may have been particularly exhausted or down wondering if I would make it. The letter comes, the spirit's lifted, the work gets done, perhaps faster, smarter and better because of the letter. Remember that for those for whom you are responsible. Do they need a pick-me-up certificate for good work or congratulations? Thank you for taking the time to peruse my little collection of "wonderful you" documents. Below are a couple "thank you" notes from customers I had while I worked for Kex/Copysource and a picture of me at an OCC Leadership conference (can you pick me out?):