Snapshot Skills Summary

  • Microsoft Office Professional
  • Written Correspondence
  • Proofreading
  • Decision Making
  • Maintaining Confidentiality
  • Multi-tasking Mastery
  • Customer Service
  • Office Equipment
  • Good Math Skills
  • New Software Enthusiast
  • Exquisite Research Abilities

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Comfort with Microsoft Office

I use Microsoft Office Professional including Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Visio.

Certified Microsoft Office Specialist in Word - December 7, 2011, Excel - February 17, 2012 and Access April 9, 2012.

Sample PowerPoint presentation HERE.

Written Correspondence

One of the neat things about this topic is that you SEE several  examples throughout this website and in my résumé.  I can write concise, precise technical documents and if the document needs to be a little easier on the eyes with some extra verbiage, I can do that too. There are some examples of documentation I created that were used across Community General Hospital (CGH) and Crouse Hospital as Supervisor of the CGH IS/IT Department HERE.


While I don't use specific proofreading symbols, my goal is to check documents for readability and grammatical/spelling errors. I was the proofreader for a family printing company for a time and I routinely find errors in newspapers and books. I want my company to shine and not have customers be distracted by typos or simple mistakes in documentation or on "our" website.

Decision Making

I am not paralyzed when it comes time to make a decision. I take known factors and anticipated factors and generate possible outcomes and then make a decision and do the work. I research answers to unknowns to maximize the likelihood of a successful outcome. I need little supervision but appreciate having a supervisor available who can answer questions when needed.

Maintaining Confidentiality

While the IS/IT Supervisor for Alliance Information Technology of CNY (the technical organization serving Crouse and Community General Hospitals), I was in charge of servicing the CEOs and Presidents of these organizations regarding PC work, Internet access and password issues. In healthcare especially, confidentiality is a must. Having access to patient data, Administrator email, Internet access and PC documents requires strict adherence to privacy policies.


Multitasking is not just a buzz word for me, it is a way to work - a way of life. I didn't know just how good I was/am at multitasking until I was Supervisor at Community General Hospital when I realized that hour after hour and day after day I had individuals walking up to my doorway and calling on the phone asking me  "What do I do?" and I took care of their concerns while all the time keeping my own tasks handled properly through the day.

Customer Service

A lifetime of customer service including 6 years at Kex/Copysource (now IKON Office Solutions) as the "Copier Guy," years of self-employment where EVERYONE is your boss and my most recent Customer Service Agent role prepared me for any and all customer service/client contacts. 

Office Equipment

I included this heading because it has been my experience that some offices experience unnecessary delays in productivity because of a paper jam that could or should have been removed by an employee that didn't take the initiative to try. Also, sometimes a call to the maintenance company's tech support will get the job done. I will always take whatever steps I can to either save a costly tech visit or fix it if possible myself to keep the office operating.

Good Math Skills

I was not one of the college students who had to take three remedial math classes to complete that one college level class to get their degree - I completed math up to and including Calculus. I have enough math skills to follow along with high-end technical staff should the position at YOUR organization include such a need.

New Software Enthusiast

I am not threatened being informed I have to learn a new software program; in fact, I consider it fun. Many times I have purchased software used at work (when possible) so I can learn it more fully at home on my own time. If I need to take classes to maximize software abilities, I will.

Exquisite Research Abilities

I am very good at not settling for the top-level results in a Google search for information. I know how to rephrase, change search parameters and find particulars in presented results to then enhance a new search to obtain more accurate and pertinent information.

Additional Skills


Job descriptions, reviews, training and task-prioritizing. Past supervision of union and non-union subordinates including network engineers and programmers.

Website Design

Website design including the use of html, frames, javascript, Corel to Flash components etc. My main tool for website creation is FrontPage 2003. When applicable, I use Microsoft Access database incorporation for dynamic page loading.

Windows Network Administration/Network Engineering

Day-to-day network administration using Active Directory under Windows 2000 Server and Users and Computers under Windows NT. User manipulation through ISA and Exchange Server. Adding and deleting users, password management, adjusting allowed email space, user Internet access. PC hardware/software project management and project manager supervision.

PC Hardware/Software Installation/Troubleshooting

PC and Server configuration research, building and installation. Software installations, upgrades and maintenance including operating systems and applications. Server database/file server configuration. Hardware troubleshooting to board level. Helpdesk support and training subordinates. Utilizing vendor support.


Microsoft Office (to XP/2003/2007) including Access, PowerPoint and FrontPage. Corel graphics including Draw, PhotoPaint and R.A.V.E.(animations). InterSystems Caché database product. SurfControl. Visio. NetViz. Any number of lesser-known applications.


Familiar with Visual Basic .NET, C, Pascal, Prolog, CLIPS, Assembly and JavaScript. It has been years since I did any programming; I know enough to be able to intelligently converse with technical staff.

Security Guard Training

I have taken the required 8 Hour pre-employment class for Security Guard training (Security Guard Training).